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Matt Reads Comics – The Intro

Comics made me an optimist.

there's always a way

Comics taught me that what I do matters, no matter how much it seems the opposite might be true.

With great power, comes great responsibility.

Comics are THE BEST storytelling medium, a perfect marriage of story and art.

Janin Batman Santa Prisca Climb

Comics go big, and they don’t apologize for it.

matt plays comics 3

Comics go small, and somehow that works too.

matt plays comics 4

Comics mean a lot to me. They taught me (and keep teaching me) what humanity can aspire to be at its very best. And when they’re done right, comics are also rad as hell.

This blog celebrates those two things. We’re going to be talking about GOOD-ASS comic books. Stuff that’s uplifting, hilarious, or just plain awesome. With a smattering of seriousness thrown in here and there.

Batman Conquers the Martians

That’s the manifesto. Check back on Aug. 23 for a retrospective on the future.

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