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Xena: Warrior Princess Returns at Dynamite

Writer Vita Ayala (The Wilds, Magic: The Gathering – Chandra, Livewire) and up-and-coming artist Olympia Sweetman are banding together to tell new tales of everyone’s favorite warrior princess – in a new Xena series coming this April.

Olympia Sweetman Xena Dynamite - Matt Reads Comics
Art by Olympia Sweetman and Rebecca Nalty

As you can see from the preview pages above (provided by Dynamite Entertainment), Sweetman’s got a kinetic style that should translate perfectly into action-packed, “Alalaes”-filled adventures. And Ayala says they’re incredibly excited to be writing Xena, who is their favorite character of all time.

“The team has a lot of fun things in store for readers, including some old frenemies and travel to places that even Xena has never seen before!” said Ayala, in a press release announcing the series. That same press release teased the series’s first arc, in which Xena and her companion Gabrielle will “investigate a mysterious village where children are miraculously strong,” possibly as a result of meddling by the Greek gods.

“To me, one of the most exciting aspects of drawing this book is having the opportunity to depict the vivid and interesting world of Xena, including the scoundrels, gods, and allies,” said Sweetman, teasing what else might be in store for Xena and Gabrielle’s ongoing adventures. “This is my first major comics job, and I am putting my all into this book!”

Sweetman will be joined by Rebecca Nalty (Sparrowhawk) on colors and Ariana Maher (Nancy Drew) on letters, and Xena‘s first issue will feature covers by David Mack, Emanuela Lupacchino, Erica Henderson, Paulina Ganucheau, and Raúl Allén and Patricia Martin. You can check all those covers out below!

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