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Bring Back Dawn Greenwood

I just finished reading Dan Slott, Michael Allred, and Laura Allred’s Silver Surfer series, and I unabashedly want Dawn Greenwood back.

Dawn Greenwood Michael Allred Laura Allred Everygirl
Any Earthgirl who can make the Silver Surfer laugh deserves a second chance.

Many readers and reviewers have compared the Slott/Allred/Allred Surfer run to Doctor Who. In keeping with that comparison, I found myself feeling the same way about Dawn’s ending as I did Amy Pond‘s in Who. It was designed to give the character the “happy” ending she deserved, while also explaining why she would never, ever, under any circumstances show up again.

In attempting to balance these competing interests, Dawn’s send-off landed squarely in bittersweet territory. Dawn’s story is absolutely complete, and the creative team gave her a fittingly momentous send-off. But Dawn also had a ton of stories left in her, and the Marvel Universe would be a better place for bringing her back.

Dawn Is One of Marvel’s Most Optimistic Characters

Dawn Knew the Risks and Loved It Anyway Silver Surfer Allred
No Marvel character I’ve read about has possessed the same enthusiasm as Dawn.

No other character I’ve read about experienced the Marvel Universe, and particularly the Marvel cosmos, quite like Dawn. In Dawn’s Marvel Universe, the Silver Surfer spent his time chasing down the universe’s best ice cream and rescuing children from moon mazes, rather than pining morosely among the stars. Which is not to say everything in Dawn’s world was a bed of roses. She was still the protagonist of a superhero comic; she regularly got involved in meaningful conflicts.

But when conflicts occurred in Silver Surfer, Dawn sought to solve them via empathy, optimism, and clever thinking. Dawn was not a fighter, but she WAS a gutsy problem solver. That is, until her story reached its conclusion, and she was written out of the Marvel Universe.

I understand Slott and the Allreds’ inclination to take Dawn off the table. After all, they created the character. And “love interests” (let’s all agree right now that Dawn is more than just a love interest) who stick around past their initial appearances are often misused and mistreated by subsequent creative teams. Dawn has appeared, primarily, in one near-perfect series. For most characters, that would be good enough.

But Dawn offered a unique perspective on the Marvel Universe, and more importantly, had story threads of her own that hadn’t quite wrapped up. There’s so much more left for Dawn to DO, and it seems sad to let a character who literally represented the near-infinite possibilities of the Marvel Universe be confined to one dead future.

Dawn Greenwood Explorer Adventurer Silver Surfer
At this point, Dawn is just as much of an explorer as the Silver Surfer himself.

So, Could Dawn Come Back?

Now, I believe the Silver Surfer creative team left a variety of options open for returning Dawn to the Marvel Universe, should they or anyone else want to do so. The Surfer brought bits of Dawn back to our universe after she died in another, and a Holo-Dawn already exists elsewhere in Marvel space. An Al Ewing or a Tini Howard or, heck, even a Dan Slott could easily justify bringing Dawn back – they just have to have a story to tell with her.

So will a creator hit upon the perfect Dawn story and bring her back? I sure hope so. Because I’m not even a week out from finishing Slott and the Allreds’ Silver Surfer, and I already miss that wacky Earthgirl.

Silver Surfer Vol 1 Cover Slott Allred
Want to see what all the fuss is about? Start at the beginning of Dawn’s story with Silver Surfer Vol. 1.

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  1. I will give you a Theory I have that even Dan Slott said was a great one. Dawn Greenwood actually becameā€¦ The Never Queen. There were a few clues that brought that to mind though out the run starting from the 1st issue. In the Last Issue, I thought they were going have that reveal once SS released her energy and remains. I thought they would coalesce and thru the same process that gave us Galactus, Dawn would transform to The Never Queen. Do this with that theory in mind re-read the arc.


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