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Catch Up on the Waiting on the Trade Podcast This Christmas

Do you like listening to people talk about comics, but don’t like listening to your family argue about politics or whatever at Christmas? Then I highly recommend you catch up on the Waiting on the Trade podcast this holiday season!

I’ve been fortunate enough to discuss ten fantastic comics with nine fantastic friends throughout this year. And as 2019 draws to a close, I wanted to look back at the episodes we put out in our debut season.

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All Star Superman Cover Featured

Episode 1: All-Star Superman

In our debut episode, my co-host Pat and I took a look at what is likely the hands-down best Superman story of all time – though we took issue with its approach to Lois Lane. Also, we may have blasphemed just a little.

Seconds Graphic Novel Featured Image Podcast

Episode 2: Seconds

My wife Kat joined us for this re-read of a book that hit incredibly close to home, as most of our podcast turned 30 this year or last. Is there still time to pursue our dreams? Is there still time for you to pursue yours? Do we ask even more existential questions in this episode? Yes, we do.

Hawkeye Little Hits Featured Image Waiting on the Trade

Episode 3: Hawkeye – Little Hits

Twitch streamer, NASCAR fan, and all-around good guy Tyler Marifke joined us for this discussion of one of my all-time favorite comics – and tried to argue that Clint Barton is better than Kate Bishop. Even. More. Blasphemy.

My Love Story Vol 1 Featured Podcast Review

Episode 4: My Love Story!! Vol. 1

All the way from Scotland(!), the ever-lovely Callum Smith popped in for a discussion on the most lovely romance comic I’ve ever read. Everyone just gets to be happy and sweet! And it’s funny as heck! I don’t think I’ve had any better laughs this year.

Green Lantern Circle of Fire Featured Image

Episode 5: Green Lantern – Circle of Fire

I love my boy Kyle Rayner, but most of Green Lantern: Circle of Fire was not superb. However, Pat, Simon Payne, and I still had a great time talking about the comic – our favorite part of which was Brian K. Vaughan and Cary Nord’s Adam Strange story.

Die Vol 1 Cover Featured Image

Episode 6: Die Vol. 1

Die is probably my favorite series of the year, and I was so happy that Jonathan Gurney and Pat joined me to talk about the ins-and-outs of Kieron Gillen and Stephanie Hans’s fantasy world. Die made me think more than any other comic we discussed in 2019, and I’m very excited to discuss Vol. 2 in the future.

Wotakoi Love Is Hard for Otaku Featured Image

Episode 7: Wotakoi – Love Is Hard for Otaku Vol. 1

We dug deep into Wotakoi (and our own lives) with co-host Bryce Manning – who has promised to send Pat some boys’ love manga this holiday season.

Batman Hush Featured Image Jim Lee

Episode 8: Batman – Hush

In the first of his two stints on the podcast, Battlestar Bros. co-host Mike Drew finally rejoined Pat and I to talk about Batman: Hush – which proves that comics don’t have to be good to be cool.

Superman Batman Supergirl Podcast

Episode 9: Superman/Batman – Supergirl

Because he just couldn’t get enough of us, Mike Drew returned to explain why it’s fine that Superman just beats the stuffing out of Darkseid somehow with no real explanation in this story. And I have to say, he made a convincing argument.

Blackbird Vol 1 Cover Featured

Episode 10: Blackbird

And finally, Suzanne Payne came on the podcast to talk about a book that she bought solely on the strength of its cover – and that we all had mixed feelings about.

Thank You for Listening to Waiting on the Trade This Year!

Whether you’re just finding us now, or you’ve been listening all year, we’d like to say thank you for spending time with us. We hope you’ve enjoyed our conversations about comics, and that you’re ready for even more (deep? dark? delightful? delirious?) discussions in 2020.

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