kobayashi maru giant days

That Great Kobiyashi Maru Gag From Giant Days 38

It is known that the recently-wrapped Giant Days is one of the funniest funnybooks around. But unless you’re a Trekkie, you might not have fully appreciated this beautiful setup and punchline from issue 38.

At the start of the issue, recently-recruited R.A. Daisy is being put to the test by a pretty brutal problem involving three residents. After working the problem to multiple dead-ends Daisy (nearly) gives up – which as it turns out, was the point of the exercise.


If you’re a smarter Trekkie than I am, you might’ve caught on to the gist of this joke already. But for me, it took about 13 more pages and Daisy delivering the punchline for everything going on in the panels above to click.

Yes, Daisy’s no-win scenario was a Coby, Ash, and Maru scenario – better known as a Kobiyashi Maru to us Star Trek nerds. That’s the unbeatable Starfleet simulation that only Captain Kirk has ever “beaten” – though he used more cheating and less flowcharts than Daisy would have.

I loved this gag and laughed for a minute straight when I realized what writer John Allison had done in the opening pages of this book, without my realizing it. If this joke had flown over your head previously, well, now you’re in the know.

And if you haven’t read Giant Days yet, you’re living in an entirely winnable scenario – one in which you can claim victory by starting with Vol. 1.

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