we are not brimpers but

We Are Not Brimpers, But …

… my wife and I both enjoy Sex Criminals. Which is why, for our fifth wedding anniversary, I got us matching Running Is Bullshit tank tops.

we are not brimpers but

When we lived in South Korea, it seemed like every couple there was matchy-matchy. That is, they wore coordinated or straight-up matching outfits whenever they went out together. Matchy-matchy is not and never has been Kat and my’s style. The closest we’ve come to purposely wearing matching outfits has been at weddings (coordinated dresses and ties) and mud runs (where there is often a theme).

However, when I happened upon a real world version of Sex Criminals‘ Running Is Bullshit tank top, I knew Kat and I both had to have it. Because I knew Kat would also love pounding out a 10K or half-marathon while wearing a shirt that professes her true feelings about the “sport.” In this instance, at least, I knew our individual senses of humor would line up, and I wanted to celebrate that similarity by buying us matching ironic sportswear.

My real anniversary gift to Kat was the trip we took to the North Shore of Minnesota. But you can’t unwrap a trip on the morning of your anniversary. Because this was a noteworthy occasion, I wanted to give Kat something tangible and unwrappable to celebrate it with. Which is why I decided to pull the trigger on buying us Running Is Bullshit tank tops.

I could have chosen to buy Kat and myself anything for our anniversary. A fancy bottle of wine, a piece of art we’d both enjoy, or a dog (not quite yet, Kathryn). I chose to buy us the Running Is Bullshit tank tops because Sex Criminals, to me, might be the best and most honest relationship comic ever. It shows that real relationships are often complicated, massive pieces of work that both partners have to commit to and continually strive to bring their best selves to. I am and will remain committed to Kat. I strive to bring my best self to our relationship.

And for about an hour on the morning of August 15, 2020, my best self was wearing a Running Is Bullshit tank top – as was my best friend.



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