No Post This Week Because We Got a Dog

His name is Aldo, and he is great.

Me and Aldo chilling in the backyard.

I have never had a dog before. My wife, Kat, was practically raised by dogs. One of the reasons we bought a house this year was so Kat could get a dog. It is one of the perks of owning our own home that Kat was most excited for. And honestly, I was too, because I knew it would make Kat so happy.

In the few days we’ve had Aldo, we’ve already taken him on several adventures. Today, he went swimming for what we believe is the first time (he did not love it), and he saw a deer at the nature park near our house (he was not supposed to be there; that was my bad).

Yesterday, he came to the local brewery with us:

He was so good!

Aldo is part some sort of Shepherd and part Basenji. Basenjis, it turns out, are a real interesting breed. They are apparently difficult to train, but Kat is handling that. She has already taught Aldo that if he sits when he comes inside, he’ll get a hot dog. Kat is, as ever, good at what she does.

All of this is to say, I’ve been too busy getting used to being a dog owner over the last week (as well as hosting my parents and prepping this month’s episode of Waiting on the Trade) to get a proper post written. I’ve got a few things I’ve been reading (you may see posts about Something Is Killing the Children and/or Kill a Man soon) and a few things I’ve been thinking about (I am definitely writing a lengthy post about how I sorted and shelved my recently-moved comics on my recently-built bookshelves). But for this week, you’ll have to make do with pictures of me and Aldo. I heard the internet likes pictures of people’s dogs, and I hope that’s true. Because that’s all I’ve got for you this week:

My first dog!

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