batman bane one more time

How I Feel Going Into My Upcoming Move

For a variety of reasons, my wife and I have chosen to move AGAIN this year. It’s disappointing (we bought our current house last year), it’s exciting (we’re moving much closer to a lot of friends and family), and, of course, it’s stress-inducing – at the tail end of a set of years that has already been quite stress-inducing.

For a bit now, everything has felt like a bit much. (If you listened to our recent Waiting on the Trade episode about DIE, you heard me express this sentiment at length.) I’m hoping that when it’s over, our upcoming move will alleviate some of that anxiety, by removing a few current stressors and giving us access to a support structure we haven’t really had for the past five years. Things are looking up; we just have to push through to the other side.

But right this second? I feel at least a little like the below is my life:

pain helplessness bane

(BTW, I found this book and these pages immediately upon thinking about this post. Knightfall lives in my head rent-free.)

All of which is to say, I haven’t had much time or headspace to devote to comics lately. And I don’t expect that to change for at least the next couple months. I’m still planning to post here as I have bandwidth, but on a regular biweekly schedule? Forget it.

Waiting on the Trade will likely also take a skip month or three, though I’m hopeful we’ll get some episodes recorded during that time. We have exciting books lined up that I really want to talk about. But don’t be surprised if our next few episodes release sporadically, instead of on their usual “first Sunday of the month” schedule. (Because The Dream Journal‘s release schedule is already sporadic, Mike Drew is, as always, ahead of the curve).

Things feel like a mess at the moment, but the mess seems pointed in the right direction. By the end of summer, Matt Reads Comics and Waiting on the Trade should resume their normal schedule, and I can hopefully start thinking about some more involved ideas I’ve had simmering on the blog’s back burner for a while. If you’ve been missing in-depth posts, interviews, and other more time-intensive content … well, I have, too. They’ll be back soon.

TL;DR: I’m hoping that in the next few months, I’ll be going from feeling like this …

… to feeling like this:

After that happens, Matt Reads Comics and Waiting on the Trade will get back on track. Until then, stay safe, stay well, and stay away from Bane. That guy’ll mess you up.

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