Cool Comic Covers: Justice League of America 200

Welcome to the Cool Comic Covers project! These brief posts will highlight some neat covers from my print comics collection. (You can see all the posts in the Cool Comics Covers project here.)

First up is an all-timer: Justice League of America 200, signed by the legend himself, George Pérez.

Justice League of America 200 Cover

Justice League of America 200 is a banger. In this anniversary issue, the League’s founding members fight those who joined since, with each battle illustrated by a different art team (Superman vs. Hawkman and Black Canary and Green Arrow vs. Batman are my faves). The story is bookended by George Pérez-illustrated sequences, and Pérez also drew the fabulous wraparound fight cover you can see half of above. (Click here to see the whole thing.)

Back in the day, Wizard Magazine really hyped up Justice League of America 200. As such, it’s a comic that younger me always looked out for in back issue bins. I do not remember the exact comic shop in which I found it, but I know it was somewhere in the American South (probably Nashville?) while on a road trip with my family. The shop was definitely one of those shops that is half comic shop and half record/CD store (which, again, leads me to believe it was in Nashville).

I think I paid five dollars for this book, a steal considering the quality of its contents. Years later, I got to bring my copy to Wizard World Chicago, where George Pérez was signing comics to benefit The Hero Initiative. I gladly paid the suggested donation to get JLA 200 signed and briefly chat with Pérez. (My dad also remembers this interaction fondly.)

Recently, Pérez, who hasn’t drawn comics regularly for a bit due to health issues, announced he has terminal cancer. Fans and publishers alike have since made a point of expressing their love for Pérez and his work. I thought I’d do the same, which is why Justice League of America 200 is the kickoff of the Cool Comic Covers project.

(One last plug: If you have any spare cash to give, The Hero Initiative really is a worthy cause. They help the creators who make the books we love!)

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