Wonder Woman 7 Chiang Featured

Cool Comic Covers: Wonder Woman 7 (New 52)

Despite some missteps here and there, I have a fond appreciation for the initial New 52 run of Wonder Woman. Because, as you can see below, the series just looked so dang good:

Wonder Woman 7 Chiang

Primary series artist Cliff Chiang brought his A-game to Wonder Woman, creating a series of covers that were nearly-universally iconic. The image above is clean, bright, and dynamic (and gives me some Rosie the Riveter vibes). When sitting next to other covers on comic store shelves, it is sure to draw your eye. Yes, it doesn’t give away much about what’s happening inside the book’s pages. But it still tempts you to flip the book open, to see if the interior art is as good as the cover. (In this case, it is.)

Chiang drew, inked, and colored this cover, as I believe he did all the covers for his, Brian Azzarello, and co.’s Wonder Woman run. If you enjoy this piece and want to see Chiang at work outside Wonder Woman, you may want to check out Catwoman: Lonely City, which is written AND illustrated entirely by Chiang.

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