Batman Gotham Adventures 44 Cover Featured

Cool Comic Covers: Batman: Gotham Adventures 44

When I started this series, I planned to rotate publishers each week, so you’d never see two covers from the same publisher back to back. But this cover from Batman: Gotham Adventures 44 is interesting to view in light of last week’s post about Wonder Woman 7:

Batman Gotham Adventures 44 Cover

The Wonder Woman cover’s primary draw is that it’s gorgeous. Which is to say, the cover draws me in “only” because it’s striking; it does not especially hint at the story inside. As such, the art’s quality is doing most of the work involved in getting a random reader to pick up Wonder Woman 7.

This Batman: Gotham Adventures cover, on the other hand, is a fantastic tease. In one static image, it conveys a wealth of narrative, making you immediately want to start reading the story inside. Why does Batman look like Two-Face? What did he do to Nightwing? And where is he going next?

The easiest way to get answers is to flip the book open and begin reading. (If you need to do that now, here’s an Amazon link.) Eventually, you’ll learn the cover image is a bit figurative, but you likely won’t care. Because you’ll be immersed in the drama inside. (Yes, like all issues of Gotham Adventures, this is a good one.)

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