Cool Comic Covers: The Immortal Iron Fist 4

Let’s jump from one David Aja cover to an entirely different one:

Whereas last week’s Aja cover is defined by its busyness, this Immortal Iron Fist cover is defined by its minimalism. If you look closely, you can tell the covers are by the same artist. But at first glance, I certainly couldn’t.

Though the covers are quite different, I love them both. This cover’s intent is to position Davos, Iron Fist’s primary nemesis, as an imposing and stark threat. Previous Immortal Iron Fist covers are nearly as minimal, but they use much more color than this (mostly) black and white image. If you’ve been following the series, you can tell you’ll be getting something different in this issue than you did in the three previous (and you do – this issue steps away from Iron Fist’s story to tell Davos’s for a minute).

While you’ve likely heard of Fraction and Aja’s Hawkeye (it got that Disney+ bump), you may not have heard of this series, which Fraction co-wrote with Ed Brubaker for its first sixteen issues. Those sixteen issues are some of my favorite Marvel comics – and they feature some of my favorite Marvel covers.

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