Ten Rejected Titles for Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths

A few weeks ago, we found out that DC’s inventively titled Dark Crisis event has a secret, even more inventive title. Yes, Dark Crisis has Digivolved to its final form: Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Intrigued by this name change, I called my confidential sources* at the DC office to see if I could learn more about the thought, care, and clearly-more-than-fifteen-minutes of work that went into developing the full name of DC’s 2022 summer event. While I wasn’t able to learn much, my sources did provide me with the following list of rejected titles for Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths. Apparently, the titles below were thought to be too derivative, nostalgic, and/or tryhard, unlike Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths’ actual title:

  • Death Crisis at Zero Hour
  • Infinite Identity Crisis on Metal Earths
  • Our Worlds at Crisis
  • Blackest Crisis
  • Flashpoint: Rebirth
  • Forever Zero Hour
  • Final Crisis Unleashed
  • War of Cosmic Convergence (in the Sky)
  • Doomsday State
  • Infinite One Million Final Metal: The New 52

Some of the above are actually great event titles, so hopefully DC’s keeping them in reserve for summer 2023 and beyond. If you love any of these rejected titles for Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths, be sure to let my secret sources* at DC know by leaving a comment below.

*I have no sources.

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