Cool Comic Covers: My Boyfriend Is a Bear

I love covers that make you ask, “How the heck?” This is one of those covers:

How do you end up cradled in the arms of a caring, flannel-wearing bear? And what are the consequences of that? These are the questions I needed answers to immediately, after viewing My Boyfriend Is a Bear‘s cover. I’d read and heard good reviews about this one-and-done graphic novel, but the book’s cover is definitely what tipped the scales and pushed it onto my 2019 to-buy list. The cover is charming, delightful, and a bit surreal, which is most everything I want out of a romance comic.

I will say, the story you find under My Boyfriend Is a Bear‘s cover answers all the questions the cover implicitly poses. And it does so in a way that is just as kooky-yet-internally-consistent as you’d hope. A cool cover is one thing, but it’s always nice when a book delivers on the promise its cool cover has set forth. And My Boyfriend Is a Bear does that in spades. Definitely give it a read, if you’re a fan of romance comics and haven’t already.

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