Cool Comic Covers: DC Comics Presents 41

I have yet to encounter a DC Comics Presents cover that I don’t just love:

I found this delightful issue, in which Superman “teams up” with the Clown Prince of Crime, in a Little Free Library in my current hometown of Madison, WI. While house shopping this year, my wife and I walked a few routes around each home we looked at, to make sure we liked the neighborhood. On one of these walks, we encountered a Little Free Library stacked with Bronze Age DC Comics.

Because we were between residences, I planned to not take any books, since I didn’t have a great place to store them. However, this Ross Andru and Dick Giordano illustrated cover, and José Luis García-López’s animated interiors, quickly broke my resolve. I have in the past and likely will again write about why I adore DC Comics Presents, a series that uses Superman’s connections with the entirety of the DC Universe to tell some quite zany team-up stories. Suffice it to say, this particular issue did not disappoint.

I have yet to go back to the Little Free Library in which I found DC Comics Presents 41. We put an offer in on that house but did not get it, and the house we ended up in is a bit far afield from that particular Little Free Library. But pulling this issue off the shelf reminded me that I really should make it back there, to see if there are any other books I should add to my collection.

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