Cool Comic Covers: FF 8

You might notice that the cover to my copy of FF 8 looks a little bent up. There’s a reason:

Illustrated by the awesome Allreds (Michael and Laura), FF 8’s cover isn’t just an object to be looked at. It’s an object to be interacted with. While the question the cover poses is fairly easy to answer (I mean, look at the eyes on the cover’s left and right sides), what’s maybe less intuitive to figure out is that the cover contains the answer. Eagle-eyed readers will spot the arrows on either side of the question, prompting readers to fold the cover’s two sides together. Doing so produces this image:

Not too shabby, Allreds. This series, written by Matt Fraction with an assist by additional Allred Lee, is just as fun and out-of-the-box as this cover. If you want the full experience, it might be worth trying to track this one down in single issues.

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