Cool Comic Covers: A Walk Through Hell Vol. 1

What I love about the cover to A Walk Through Hell Vol 1., illustrated by Andy Clare and Jose Villarubia, is how it uses scale and perspective to create a fantastically ominous image:

By design, you can barely make out the series’s leads, the two FBI agents walking into the scary-looking, subtitular warehouse. Instead, your eye is drawn to the warehouse itself. Specifically, your eye is drawn to the warehouse’s entrance, which is finished using a glossy, solid black that makes the entrance seem somewhat otherworldly.

This emphasis on the warehouse’s singular entrance, and the slight tilt in perspective that shows us the warehouse may continue onward without end, immediately brings to mind a dungeon. But rather than being a Dungeons and Dragons-style adventure dungeon, this dungeon is real. So it is likely full of real monsters and horror. Only those two lone FBI agents are willing to face the warehouse; the police with them have chosen to wait outside. So what is in that warehouse? If this cover has you asking that question, and gets you to flip the book open to find an answer, it has done its job.

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