Cool Comic Covers – Bakuman Vol. 1 (Japanese Edition)

I’ve owned this edition of Bakuman Vol.1 and never read it nor its English equivalent. Still, looking at this cover always makes me smile:

That’s because my wife bought this comic for me, way before she became my wife. Back in 2009, my then-girlfriend and I went our separate ways for a time, after getting together during a semester spent studying abroad in Australia. I went back to Wisconsin; she went to visit her brother, who was stationed at an Air Force base in Japan. Flying home, I wondered: Is this thing we have going to keep going? (I sure hoped so.)

The next time we got together, Kat gave me this: A manga volume she’d picked up in Japan for me. She knew it was about a pair of aspiring manga creators. She saw it and thought of me. And so, even though I’ve never been to Japan (it’s on the list; maybe this year), I own a volume of manga that was purchased there.

Sentimentality aside, this is actually a cool cover in its own right. I can’t read the extra advertising flap layered over the cover’s bottom, but I imagine the top of it reads something like “From the creators of Death Note,” given that this comic is from the same creative team as that popular series. (Kat and I own that one in English and both like it, portrayals of women aside.) The cover has the same ruler-based margins as a comic art board, which is a nice flourish given the story’s subject matter. The back cover shows off various tools of a manga artist’s trade, but the real kicker here is that you can remove the book’s dust jacket to reveal a black-and-white version of the cover.

Pretty neat, huh? And this isn’t even a deluxe volume; it’s thinner and more compact than its English counterpart (the better for shoving in a backpack and reading on a train, I’d imagine). When it comes to comic production value, they sure are kicking our asses over there in Japan.

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