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Did You Notice the Conversational Lettering in On a Sunbeam?


There are many reasons you should read Tillie Walden’s On a Sunbeam. The pitch-perfect plot, characters, pacing, and color palette combine to deliver a feels-worthy sci-fi epic.

But because On a Sunbeam is so good (and you’ll likely fly right through it), you might not notice how much characterization Walden’s lettering adds to the story. The dialogue throughout On a Sunbeam does a ton of work, letting readers in on characters’ emotional states and cementing their personalities.


I Love That Robert Kirkman Is Making Comics Surprising Again


First, Robert Kirkman launched a new comic series without telling anyone – not even the comic shops receiving the book.

Then, he concluded his massive mega-hit, The Walking Dead, without tipping his hand before the final issue dropped. If you somehow managed to avoid the internet for a couple days before buying your comics on July 3, you’d have had no idea you just bought the last issue of The Walking Dead.

I have not read a lot of Kirkman’s comics, but I love his publishing stunts. And I love Kirkman’s rationale for them, which is simply to make comics surprising again.

Robin Ha Cook Korean Featured

The Comic I Use to Cook Kimchi Pancake


Last week, I wanted to cook my favorite snack food – so I opened up the one comic that resides in my kitchen:

Robin Ha’s Cook Korean contains a bunch of awesome pictorial recipes, including a very simple and well-illustrated walkthrough of making kimchi pancake. I am not much of a cook, but I love kimchi pancake (in my experience, no Korean bar snack is better). I also love that, with the help of this comic, it’s both easy and fun to make!

With my craving near an all-time high, my wife Kat and I spent an hour of last Thursday evening cooking up some kimchi pancake. This is our story.

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Bring Back Dawn Greenwood


I just finished reading Dan Slott, Michael Allred, and Laura Allred’s Silver Surfer series, and I unabashedly want Dawn Greenwood back.

Dawn Greenwood Michael Allred Laura Allred Everygirl
Any Earthgirl who can make the Silver Surfer laugh deserves a second chance.

Many readers and reviewers have compared the Slott/Allred/Allred Surfer run to Doctor Who. In keeping with that comparison, I found myself feeling the same way about Dawn’s ending as I did Amy Pond‘s in Who. It was designed to give the character the “happy” ending she deserved, while also explaining why she would never, ever, under any circumstances show up again.

In attempting to balance these competing interests, Dawn’s send-off landed squarely in bittersweet territory. Dawn’s story is absolutely complete, and the creative team gave her a fittingly momentous send-off. But Dawn also had a ton of stories left in her, and the Marvel Universe would be a better place for bringing her back.

Our Saturday at C2E2 2019


At the time I’m writing this, we’re only a couple weeks out from C2E2 2019 … and to be honest, I’m still catching up on things! I was gone for a week and then out apartment hunting the week after, so I haven’t had a ton of time to think about comics.

C2E2 itself was a blast, and I figured y’all might want want to see what my convention experience was like. I attended Saturday with my wife Kat and my friends Pat and Mike. You’ve heard most of their voices if you’ve listened to our comics podcast, Waiting on the Trade.

Below are some of the best pictures from our day! Not pictured is me looking all nervous for the first couple hours of the con, as I waited to go interview Peter Tomasi