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Power Rangers: Shattered Grid Shattered My Heart


If, a couple years ago, you’d asked me whether I’d care about a Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers comic, I would’ve said, “Unlikely.” My nostalgia trigger is easy to trip, but for some reason, Power Rangers didn’t trip it. I love the concept, the characters, the Zords. But watching the show again with my friend’s at-the-time five year old, it didn’t hold up. I figured Rangers was something that was still awesome, but was no longer for me.

Enter Kyle Higgins and co.’s Mighty Morphin’ comic from BOOM! Studios.  For the last thirty some issues, that book’s creative team has been producing a Power Rangers story that I care about, and that echoes some of the best “kids properties” comics I’ve ever read.

Last week, the story that’s been ongoing since issue one came to a head, in the finale of the multiverse-spanning Shattered Grid saga. And reader, it choked me up a little bit.

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Kate Bishop Is the Millennial’s Superhero

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My wife keeps trying to convince me I’m a millennial. I continually resist this classification, but with each month that goes by, I’m more convinced she’s right. You see, I have a lot of the same baggage and problems that millennials have. The same baggage and problems that Kate Bishop, also known as the-very-best-Hawkeye, has.

Kate Bishop Millennial Superhero - Matt Reads Comics

The Comic Tells You How to Read It - Scott McCloud's The Sculptor - Matt Reads Comics

The Comic Tells You How to Read It – Scott McCloud’s The Sculptor


Comics have a secret superpower you might not know about: they can tell you how to read them. Sometimes, creators are content to simply get their story down on the page. They don’t pay much attention to pacing, transitions, panel construction, and page layout. But when a good artist puts these tools to work, they produce a comic that controls your narrative movement and adds extra layers to the story.

If you want a master class in just what a creator can do when they’ve purposefully placed every line they’ve drawn, I’d recommend taking a look at Scott McCloud’s The Sculptor.