What Can You Build From Batman?

What Can You Build From Batman?


No full post this week because I’d like to encourage you to check out the retrospective on Rebirth-era Detective Comics I recently published at Multiversity Comics. James Tynion IV and his collaborators knocked their run out of the park, and I’m sad to see this era of Detective Comics end.

That Light in the Sky - What Can You Build From Batman

If you want to learn what you can build from Batman (Answer: A lot. Almost anything.), click the link above. And if you want to start reading from the beginning of the recently concluded run, click this shamelessly inserted Amazon link.

Why It's Important Superman's Trunks Are Back - Matt Reads Comics

Why It’s Important That Superman’s Trunks Are Back


We got the word in the middle of January:

“Hey, guys, DC here. Just so y’know…Superman’s trunks are coming back.”

And comics fans rejoiced. (Mostly.)

You might think those of us who care about this change are making a big deal out of underwear, and yes, we are, thank you very much. Because Superman’s trunks are more than just a design choice. The trunks are a symbol, just like the “S” on Superman’s chest. The “S” might stand for hope, but the trunks? The trunks stand for wonder.

What DC Rebirth Got Right


A lot of ink’s been spilled lately on what Marvel’s comics division is doing wrong. But meanwhile, DC’s been absolutely crushing it since launching DC Rebirth, and nary a columnist has made a peep.

I’m here to fix that. DC Rebirth drew me back to the DC Universe in a big way, and I think it’s time someone made some noise about what Rebirth got right and why, over a year in, DC’s comics are still firing on all cylinders. For all the talk of comics’ usual reboot smoke and mirrors, Rebirth actually delivered a huge change in both design and direction for the DCU, one that’s created better comics, better heroes, and a better universe.