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The Comics I’m Re-reading When I Get Home


By the time you’re reading this, I’ll have ended my three-year stint in Fresno, California and be venturing toward a new adventure in St. Paul, Minnesota. I always get quite nostalgic when I leave a place, and I’m guessing I’ll be feeling even more nostalgic by the time I arrive at my parents’ home in Elkhorn, WI (a stopover on the way to Minnesota).

To fuel that nostalgia even further, I plan to re-read a BUNCH of comics that have been sitting at my parents’ place, waiting for me to return for the last three years. You’ll see some pretty apparent connections between these books – each of them includes returns, remembrances, and new beginnings. These are the sorts of stories I’m in the mood for at this moment.

John Stewart Ultraviolet Lantern - Matt Reads Comics

BONUS: Beware His Power, Ultraviolet Light


In light of this week’s Justice League solicits, take a gander at the immense powers my wife imagined for an Ultraviolet Lantern back near the end of Blackest Night. Didn’t see any bugs circling John Stewart on that Jorge Jiménez cover for Justice League 3, but maybe on the interior …

Ultraviolet Lantern - Kat Prince - Kioquinos - Matt Reads Comics

It’s been a bit since Kioquinos posted anything on her tumblr (I keep bugging her to get back at it), but if you like the above, you can see more of her stuff there.