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Bring Back Dawn Greenwood


I just finished reading Dan Slott, Michael Allred, and Laura Allred’s Silver Surfer series, and I unabashedly want Dawn Greenwood back.

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Any Earthgirl who can make the Silver Surfer laugh deserves a second chance.

Many readers and reviewers have compared the Slott/Allred/Allred Surfer run to Doctor Who. In keeping with that comparison, I found myself feeling the same way about Dawn’s ending as I did Amy Pond‘s in Who. It was designed to give the character the “happy” ending she deserved, while also explaining why she would never, ever, under any circumstances show up again.

In attempting to balance these competing interests, Dawn’s send-off landed squarely in bittersweet territory. Dawn’s story is absolutely complete, and the creative team gave her a fittingly momentous send-off. But Dawn also had a ton of stories left in her, and the Marvel Universe would be a better place for bringing her back.

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Avengers: No Surrender Is Perfect Pre-Endgame Reading


Avengers: No Surrender is never going to be a Marvel movie. It’s embedded with far too much Marvel Comics minutiae to ever hit the big screen. It’s too sprawling; its cast of forty-some heroes and villains is too big.

It asks that you know Cannonball’s catchphrase.

But all that is what makes No Surrender the perfect Avengers COMIC story. And I’d argue that if you loved Infinity War, and you want to spend some of your pre-Endgame time seeing what Avengers comics are all about, that No Surrender is the book for you.

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I Am Deadpool


Y’all might already know I love games. So when Marvel announced that Al Ewing, one of their best and most inventive writers, was concocting a five-issue “comic-as-an-RPG” adventure, I was immediately sold.

Ewing and co.’s You Are Deadpool allows YOU to control the titular Merc with a Mouth, navigating multiple branching pathways that weave between issues and decades and eventually result in … no, I won’t spoil it now. Instead, I’m going to show you exactly how fun (and goshdarn hard) the game Ewing and his collaborators created is.

That’s right, reader: WE ARE DEADPOOL! It’s an Actual Play for comic books, a Twitch stream for the printed page. If you’re wary of spoilers, turn back now! Otherwise our story starts, as most do, at the beginning …

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$3.99 Is Too Much for Big Two Books


In May, DC announced they’re raising the price of their DC Universe books (i.e. monthly or bi-weekly superhero stuff) to $3.99 a pop. Additionally, they said they’re pulling digital codes out of most books, negating some of their previous rationale for the $3.99 price point.

With most Marvel books also set at $3.99 (though still with digital codes), we’ve now entered the $4-a-book era.

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And it’s too much. That’s too much money to pay for a Marvel or DC comic.