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Some Thoughts on Lazarus: Risen’s “Your Last Meal on Earth”


One of the best comics going returned in March, when Lazarus: Risen 1 hit store shelves. Clocking in at a hefty 67 pages, Risen debuted Lazarus‘s new, quarterly magazine format – a shift the creative team made in an attempt to stay on schedule and offer readers some bonus worldbuilding material.

I had no doubt that Lazarus: Risen would be entirely worth the wait and the slightly-increased price. But I did not know that Lilah Sturges’s short fiction piece, “Your Last Meal on Earth,” would stick with me for so long.

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Lazarus and Almonds


I read this article, “A Kingdom from Dust,” from The California Sunday Magazine. And throughout my reading, the same thought kept popping into my head:

“The Resnicks are Carlyle. Or Bittner. Or Morray or Hock. That’s Lazarus.”

“This really is Year Zero.”

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