You Are Deadpool Cover - Matt Reads Comics

I Am Deadpool


Y’all might already know I love games. So when Marvel announced that Al Ewing, one of their best and most inventive writers, was concocting a five-issue “comic-as-an-RPG” adventure, I was immediately sold.

Ewing and co.’s You Are Deadpool allows YOU to control the titular Merc with a Mouth, navigating multiple branching pathways that weave between issues and decades and eventually result in … no, I won’t spoil it now. Instead, I’m going to show you exactly how fun (and goshdarn hard) the game Ewing and his collaborators created is.

That’s right, reader: WE ARE DEADPOOL! It’s an Actual Play for comic books, a Twitch stream for the printed page. If you’re wary of spoilers, turn back now! Otherwise our story starts, as most do, at the beginning …